fuse Managed Services provide our clients with a portfolio of support services that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives. By offering such a comprehensive range of services, we enable our clients to reduce their day to day effort in maintaining and managing their technology, so they can concentrate on what their business does best.



Quite simply – customer experience is everything to us. SLA’s and contracts are important, but personally we would rather get the problem fixed immediately and then worry about what the SLA was after. Every client has direct access to our CEO and management team 24×7. It’s this hands on approach that our clients tell us separate fuse in the market place.


Delivered through a designated Service Delivery Manager, we help our clients to understand the detail around the performance, availability and capacity of their supported infrastructure. We provide you with valuable insight that assists you in effective budgetary planning as well as ongoing configuration and inventory management.


How do clients embark on a new user journey when selecting a new system? How will the new UC system impact the business?

Business Intelligence

Our BI offerings enable clients to leverage our expertise in managing line of business applications, UC and communication infrastructure and solutions.

Transforming & Learning

Through support, report and business intelligence, our ultimate aim is to help our clients to continually improve the overall experience and the value delivered from UC. We work with our clients to act on the insight we provide and continually review business and IT priorities to ensure that their environment is aligned to requirements.

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“Putting customer service first and with long standing relationships with all leading collaboration vendors. Only real collaboration experts like fuse with in-house system integration, application development and technology skills can design, build and support integrated collaboration solutions, understand and articulate the true business benefit and deliver the value of unified communications.”

David Redmond, CEO, Fuse

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