Voice Trading Systems

fuse partner exclusively with Enepath

Enepath is a complete voice trading solution specialist for today’s traders. Transforming the way people implement and manage the use of voice inside and outside the trading room. Enabling traders to operate efficiently and confidently with ever changing market regulations.

Trading Turret

The Enepath Eclipse trading turret revolutionises the integration between the trading room and all other environments of unified communications and also matches the styling and ease of use of the most advanced tablets in the market.

The Eclipse turret provides full capability including unique speaker channel options – 12, 24 or 36. The underpinning innovative technology provides a fully distributed and flexible switching fabric that can scale up and down from one to thousands of turrets, future proofing voice trading technology decisions.

It’s intuitive, contextual and easy-to-use interface meets the needs and expectation of today’s traders, accustomed to multi-channels, touch screens and tablets.

• Smallest footprint available today for a full function turret
• Docking station available to provide enhanced installation at desk and connectivity to external devices
• Voice recording as standard
• Flexible pricing with Turret as a Service (TaaS) options
• Supporting traders at the office, home or whilst travelling
• Up to 36 voice channels
• Private Wire support as standard
• Multiple deployment options – on premise or hosted

Voice Recording

Call recording is an extremely valuable tool and compliance requirement to gain deeper insight into how your company handles inbound and outbound calls.

fuse Technologies provide reliable high quality, high capacity digital voice, mobile, screen and VoIP recording across verticals, from financial services to insurance. These solutions enable compliance adherence, transaction verification, dispute resolution, liability prevention, order confirmation, fact finding and quality monitoring.


Advantages of Call Recording with Fuse Technologies:

• Extensive experience within the financial sector
• Complete guidance on PCI, FCA, MiFID & MiFID II regulations
• Product agnostic advice
• Multi-channel capture – voice, video, IM, SMS, mobile, screen
• Advanced voice transcription and analytics for efficient searching & reporting
• Up to 36 voice channels
• Extensive compatibility – Cisco, Skype for Business, SIP, Trading Systems
• Hosted and On Premise Deployment options

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