Transition & Transform

How do clients embark on a new user journey when selecting a new system? How will the new UC system impact the business? Let fuse guide the way


As part of the transition and transform process fuse interrogate detail from existing legacy system and migrate the configuration and programming of a legacy system to the new solution design. This increases continuity by eliminating any change network change freezes, increases familiarity of the new solution, reduces training time.

Often the output from a fuse audit can be the input to the new solution design being based upon the flexibility and functionality of SQL database integration.

Having engaged users at the evaluation phase, users will feel more part of the decision making process and therefore fuse projects transition more easily as users already know about the change of systems.

All projects are project managed and only commence once an agreed statement of works is signed.
fuse see go-live of the solution as just the beginning of the Transform phase.

Helping our clients to stay ahead of their competition and being informed about latest technologies is key to our pro-active approach.

Our on-going high touch model is key to our success. fuse schedule in monthly meetings with our clients to make sure the solutions are always running smoothly and the customer service levels never drop.

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“Putting customer service first and with long standing relationships with all leading collaboration vendors. Only real collaboration experts like fuse with in-house system integration, application development and technology skills can design, build and support integrated collaboration solutions, understand and articulate the true business benefit and deliver the value of unified communications.”

David Redmond, CEO, Fuse

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